Monday, February 27, 2006


1. Are you photogenic? Not really

2. What time do you go to bed? Before 11 pm

3. What was the last thing you did before this? Packing up my clothes for the movement to KL

4. Who's the one you always meet the most? My beloved fiancee..

5. Whos' the person you'll call id you need help? My fiancee of course..

6. What's on your mind right now ? Moving back to KL and gesshh my insurance n road tax are already due!

7. What do you prefer? american idol/malaysian idol? both also can layan...

8. With whom do you wanna be with to have fun? anyone...

9. What movie do u wanna watch now?Nothin in mind currentl...

10. When was the last time you went out? Last nite..

11. What do you hate the most for now? Don't know what to write for my PPA! Damn it!

12. What do you do everyday besides eat & sleep? Work n hav fun..

13. Colors that make you happy?Blue n purple

14. Most fave thing in your room ?hermm.. all of it!

15. Miss someone?My family n my fiancee

16. Plan to buy something? PDA handphone..waaa...

17. Are you satisfied with your life now?Almost.. :)

18.Do you like seafood? Not all..

19.Breakfast or dinner? Prefered brekfast

20. Do you recycle? Still trying.. ahaks.

21. Do you have a laptop? Yup

22. What's your favorite fast food? Too many..

23. Cats or dogs? Neither one

24. Salty or sweet? Salty and spicy..ahahha

25. City or country? Both also can..

26. Is kissing normal for your age? Think so

27. Are you athletic? Used to.. but still boleh lah..

28.Would you want to be treated equally? Sure

29. Do you have your own cell phone? Of course!

30. What do you wear to bed? Sometimes kaftan n sometimes tshirt n short

31. Ever had a crush on a teacher in high school? Nope!

32. Coke or pepsi? Neither one

33. sugar or spice? spice of course!

33. Can you use chopsticks? Hehehe... can lah

34. Do you like to read for pleasure? Yup..luv it

35. Do you care about getting good grades? You mean in school or now? :p

36. Have you ever fallen asleep in class? many times.. even tried not to..

37. Get a job or ask your parents for money? Helloo i'm getting paid for every end of month.. :)

38. Is your dad strict? Not really

39. Do your parents give you enough privacy? Yup

0. Do your parents trust you? Yes

41. Would you ever wanna lose your best friends? No..

42. Does your best friend get on your nerves? Sometimes

43. Do you make friends quickly?~ Yes, just a normal friend...

44. Do you tell your mom everything? Of course not all..

45. What do you & your parents fight about most? Dont know

46. If u love someone & she/he rejected u wut willu do to her/him? Dunt know..never had that kind of experience..

47. Can u sing or rap? Sing.. hahrahrharha

48. If u have one wish , who would u make urwife/husband for the wish? My future husband who's currently my fiancee..

49. Wat do u think of this survey? Fun!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Just came back frm dinner.. The journey to the park is totally quiet. Hermm i dunt hav the feelings to say anything as i was amazed by the moon tonite and i dunno y i was attracted to it.

A good friend of mine called me during the dinner.. ein. Told me that she has already found the mak andam for my sista's wedding including me! Yea! I am so thankful that i have my old and gud friend who i can count on. Just imagine i hav known her since form1.Jezzz.. miz all the sweet memories together.. Our friendships is already almost hermm let me count.. 2005-1993=12 years! PErghhh lamenye and suddenly terasa tua plak. And yg membuat kan lagi terasa tua ialah..she's married and has one cute baby gurl!

Adoi... thinking about the majlis je membuat kan terasa mcm ada beban je kat kepala nie. Hkhikhikh.. i knw dat i sound like melarikan dari memikirkan benda2 nie but ..entah lah... now i knw y ppl said that persiapan utk majlis khawin ni is not and ez tasks lah .
Hermm let stop thinking about it for a moment and continue to think about it tommorrow.. kan... :/

Ok lah..rasenye smpi cni je lah kot yg boleh dibicarakan... dah kehabisan idea dah.. Bukannye tak de idea.. cuma tak ada perasaan je malam ni.. HikhikHik...

Saturday, February 11, 2006


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Amirah Nur Maisarah Bt Mohamad Noor.. Welcome to the family... :) ( not the picture above lah..dat's me above! ) Hehhehe

Friday, February 10, 2006

Weekand is Back!

Horrayyy!! Weekand is Back again! hhehehe... No need to wake up early tommorow! Hehhe but still need to bangun awallah kan sbb tommorow plan to go to Brunei for a daily trip. Hehhe.. saje mengisi masa lapang bersama tunang terchinta..ahaks.. Bukannye ape dah lame sebenarnye nak cari steam iron yg mcm kat shopping complex tu.. yg gantung je baju bley iron baju tu.. hehhe .. senang sikit utk mase dpn nanti.. Last time g BSB (Bandar Seri Begawan) dah survey iron tu tp jumpe kat satu kedai je lah kan.. so tommorrow plan nak g tempat2 lain kat brunei tu nak g cari. Bukan lah tak mau membeli kat negara sendiri.. but mcm tak jumpe je kat semenanjung ngan kat miri kedai yg jual steam iron yg mcm kat kompleks2 membeli belah tu.. Tak tau lah kalau mmg ada jual kat kedai2 kan tapi setakat ni cari kat Jusco ngan Sogo tarak lah pulak.

Afdlin shauki..hermmm one of my favourite actor .. i hav watched all his movies.. the latest is buli balik.. I knew that he has his own album which is the FuYoo album rite but guess wat! Rupe2 nye afdlin ni dah stat nyanyi since 1996! Yes! It's true... Tak tahu lah kalau i'm the one yg mmg tak tahu selama ni..hheehhe...Petang tadi balik je dari opis g lah shopping complex Boulevard kat Miri nie. G lah makan2 for dinner and mule2 ingat nak lah cari pape DVD yg menarik yg boleh dibeli ..tapi hampes gak lah sbb langsung tak de yg menarik.. Then mcmanalah pulak terperasan lah satu kedai music yg langsung tak menarik kat shopping mall tgh wat sales ..masuklah with tunang terchinta and mcm tak pecaya plak all the CD's ngan Cassette's berharga RM5 n RM3.. Original lagi tu.. hape lah rembat lah a few kan. And i bought lah dis CD R.A.P 96 and terkejut lah kan ada lagu Afdlin Shauki dalam album nie.. heheh.. Bley tahan gak lah afdlin nyanyi and all the singers dalam CD ni mmg superb lah.. walaupun lagu taun 96 ..setakat ni .. (tengah dengar CD ni sebenarnya.. hehe) semua lagu dalam dis Cd mmg best lah! Berbalaoi lah gak beli! :)

Working life for today is very tiring.. not because of the workload ..sbb sakit perempuan yg dah datang..Adoi.. hbs gangguan emosi terhadap diriku utk hari ni.. Terus tak de mood nak buat keje. Kepala plak rase mcm kena tekan2 je.. Nasib baik ada my beloved tunang.. Tenkiu sbb byk bersabar with my kerenah! :) Pasal reorganization kompeni pun memening kan kepala..Tiap2 hari ada cerite baru and i was wondering ..bile ni nak kena transfer balik KL! waa.. nak balik KL! Bukannye ape.. senang nak menguruskan urusan2 utk majlis kelak! Waa.... but seday pon ada... My beloved one ada kat miri plak.. Waaa..

Thursday, February 09, 2006

9th Feb 2005

Hermm...dah lama tak write pape in the blog. Bukannye apa.. it's just that tak de mase je nak duduk membuke laptop dan mengaccess to internet.. mcm malas.. hehhe

Today life was so s****. Hehhee.. the server kat opis mcm hampes tak ingatnye. Dah lah this week i hav to do the damn work which is not related to me at all. Gesshh... i think that i need and have to learn how to say NO lah! Dah lah server hampes and the system that i am currently need to up date pong hampes... Waa... stress gile hari nie.. hahahhah...Tinggal esk je lagi hari yg tinggal...huhuhu... best sbb esk hari Jumaat but damn kena siap kan thoose work! Dah lah tak masuk nye dalam PPA ..ehh but still bley lah guna this benda to be in my PPA for this year! Hahahhaha..
Yer lah.. rasenye tak pernah lagi sesape yg berjawatan seperti ku membuat keje nie.. hahhaha...

Hermmm... ape lagi ekk nak cite.. sebenarnya dah mengantuk nie.. hehhe time to sleep kot.. ok lah need to go to sleep lah so that tommorrow i'll be fresh enough to do the work and hopefully lah the server will be OK jugak! :) Nite nite....