Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Positive attitude

Terfikir sekejap is it fair to judge someone based on their appearance? Or by the person action you thought that you can know if the person is good or not? Hermm..entah lah.. adakah kita berhak untuk mengatakan sesorang itu adalah tidak baik walaupun kita tidak mengenali dirinya dengan lebih detail? Or adakah walaupun kita mengenali that person bertahun2 we assume that we really know this person? Hermm semuanya subjective kan. We assume that when the person we call best friends, meaning that she/he should understand us better ... or we should understand them better.. Unfortunately, sometime this theory is not practical at all. Hermm..

Another questions appeared again in my head, should we treat other ppl nice or should we just keep our distance from them? Put a barrier in front of us with a NO ENTRY sign so that ppl know that we are not interested to become their friend. Huhuhu.. Is it a healthy way of living? Well maybe not..

I am a bit frustrated right now... hehehe.. trying hard not to get this feeling distract my attention today. But .. me as a human being ..of course cant run away from it. I feel so guilty that when in this kinda situation, i started to think that maybe i'm not good enough to become a good person. Or maybe i am so baik hati and try to show that i care for others? Is good to become caring and concern person? Or i'm the one that's so perasan that i am concern towards other ppl while other ppl is not thinking the same wavelength as me. Aiya..susah lah plak if jadi perasan ni..hehhe

Sometime i feel so tired... tired of being such a "tak da perasaan"person. Tired of thinking positive towards all the obstacles that i am facing rite now..just wanna be orang biasa and luckily i have my family with me so that i can transfer all of the sadness energy to my little Iman. hehe.. Lagi best kan.. hahahha.. cheerss..

Saturday, August 02, 2008

My Little Car

Today nak cerita pasal my little car. My beloved kelisa has been with me since 2005 till now. This kelisa is my 1st car lah..Hehe.. Bought this car rite after i recieved a letter of transfer from HR to Miri, Sarawak in 2005. Jauh dah perjalanan my kelisa ni. Bayangkan dah sampai Miri, Sarawak ok. Bought this is kelisa in KL and sent to Miri by cargo. Without this kelisa..mmg patah kaki jugak lah kat Miri dulu. :)

Trip to KK with all SKO frens in 2005 pun using this car. Jauh tu jalan .. Dari Miri ke Kota Kinabalu...Sabah. The journey to KK is almost 8 hours jugaklah from Miri. Kelisa ni jugak dah banyak kali masuk Brunei. Tak terkira berapa kali dah g Brunei sepanjang setahun dok kat Miri.

So skrg ni dah 3 tahun dah keta ni with me. Sekarang ni dah jadi second car dah. Eventhough dah jadi second ..berperanan penting oo.. Yer lah .. pagi2 nak hantar Little Iman to rumah Ibu Zura. Heheh.. Sayang gak lah kat kelisa ni.. almaklumlah ..dengan herga minyak yg tinggi ni.. mmg rasanya most of ppl kalau bley nak guna je keta kecik kan.

One of my dreams is to serahkan this car to Iman.. one day.. hhahha... if the car still good in condition. Ahaks..