Monday, January 26, 2009

Gong Xi Fa Chai

Not to late to wish Gong Xi Fa Chai to my fellow friends... Me and family currently at hubby's hometown..Marang,Tganu. We arrived here saturday morning. Bercuti-cuti malaysia awal tahun ni lah katakan. People might question us why go for a long holidays early of the year? Hehhe.. this is because nak berehat2 sebab end of last year we didn't have the oppurtunity to go for a holiday.. So, because of the chinese new year and also Hari Wilayah which falls on the 1st Feb, we decided to add another 3 days so that we can get a very long... holidays. hehhe..

Our journey back to Marang was ok. On the LPT highway we bumped with a group of RXz's bikers. Quite a large group of them and this was the first time i saw the bikers did the superman style. They managed to changed the clutch just using their hand ok.. huhu... agak berani jugak lah .. and they were totally fast! Even when our meter struck 140km/hr.. they can still overtake us.. just imagine that. hermm..

We stop at Dungun for breakfast. The nasi lemak was fantastic. Unfortunately, Iman was still not well and he vomited on my nasi lemak's plate that morning. Pity my son. I still didn't know what's wrong with Iman. He had a high fever on last thrusday.. His temperature reached 39oC.

Yesterday, we thought that Iman was ok. He had fun with his uncle syafiq and also his appatite towards food was good. So, me and my husband thought that he had already recover from his sickness. Late at night, luckly both of us were not sleep yet, he vomited again. Kesian my son. Dunt know what's wrong with him. If he could tell me that he's not ok.. i'll will be happy because i know that he's not well.

Hermm.. some people say that maybe he knows that his ibu is currently carrying his adik.. that's why he's kinda protest in directly ? Hermm who knows ya? Yup, Allhamdulillah, this week is my 7th weeks of my pregnancy. :) My second pregnancy really make me almost flat in the morning. I have a morning sickness almost everyday compare to my 1st pregnancy. Allhamdulillah, i don't face any morning sickness while carrying Iman during the first pregnancy. Hope that it won't get worst for the first three months. Huhuh..

Today, we plan to give a visit to our Ayah Su (my husband uncle). Our Cik Su, had safe delivered her baby girl last two months if i'm not mistaken. Then we want to go to get some stuff for our home. I really like to shop while i'm in tganu and also the food here totally cheap ok! Huhuh..

Ok gtg now, will continue later.. maybe i'll post some of pictures that we took ya..