Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I am Sick

Wah.. it has been ages tak update the latest cerita kat sini. Btw i think it's not too late to wish selamat hari raya to everyone. raya sebulan kan.. Talking about raya ni, this year raya tak happening langsung. Hubby and my son were sick during hari raya .. actually a day before hari raya both of them were sick already. My hubby had a neck injury while my son was having a fever + vomiting + diarrhoea untill 4th of raya. And the best part is.. after both of them recovering from their sick.. i was then fallen sick. Huhu.. mmg tak raya lah this year. We spent one week in kampung but not going anywhere .. hukhuk.. Ok..that is hari raya punya cerita..:)

Now, this week nya cerita plak.. :) Me and hubby jatuh sakit kembali.. hukhuk. since last monday till now. Dengan demamnya.. sakit tekak yg teramat sangat when coughing + selsema.. complete lah all the penyakit.. Dah both of us terbongkang kat umah.. luckly iman was not affected with the penyakit.. cuma selsema je .. Hopefully both of us are getting better tommorow.

Just wanna inform that one of my colleague Siti Aishah Osman has lost her beloved daughter last monday, if i am not mistaken.. May her soul rest in peace.. Al-Fatihah...