Tuesday, April 20, 2010

To Be Or Not To Be

Well that's is my current status in FB... I've been thinking about it while in the office.. Sometimes with the current situation at work make me think shuld i continue to be a geologist as my career or not? Or should I stay at home taking care of my two lil' heroes? Basically, I'm enjoying myself doing what I like with my current job but due to the certain issues that involve with my career development and also on with the current situation in the office caused me headache for a while... To be honest.. I really love doing basin modeling a lot... seriously a lot ..  so much info or shuld i say..  lots of geological knowledge that I gain by performing the basin modeling works but with the current situation.. I need to follow the requirement of the system rather than ma own interest.. hu hu hu hu ... wow.. am i having a PMS  that caused mood swing for couple of days? hermm..

Thursday, February 25, 2010

To Be or Not To Be...

Wah quite sometimes gak tak tulis pape in the blog. Totally bz handling the house chores n also works that need to be done in the office. I'm totally lost today at the office .. dun't know what is in my head.. i dun't like the feeling at all.. this is what I've been mention during the bonding session with my coach last 2 weeks.. Sometimes, i do need some that can remind me or in another word is ... make me awake!  hehe kan dah merapu...

I've just mop the house half n hour ago before start to online... and i plan to clean up my kitchen.. i.e basuh apa2 yg ada dlm sinki and thinking of lipat baju... iron baju for next week... and at the same time wanna read the material that i brought back from the office which I am suppose to complete the task by end of this week? Sunday maybe? huhuh alangkah bagus if masa tu more than 24 hours perday...  I felt guilty to my kids..  :( 
If i culd be supermom and at the same time be a successful career woman.. dat will be nice!  But in this real world .. i think it is impossible ...hermmm tak tau lah awat diriku membebel tonite.. maybe i juz me my other half who's totally away from me n the kids.. can't wait for him to come back nxt week.. I really salute to those ladies out there who has been in a long distance relationship with their partner.
In my case i think i shuld be thankful coz my other half is just away for 2 weeks offshore and 2 weeks holidays.. :)
Ayah... three of us miz u so much.....

abg Iman

Haris dlm walker...

Sunday, January 03, 2010

New Year di Rawang

Wah sangat malas esk utk berkerja setelah bercuti 4 hari ok since hari khamis lepas till today. I have to take AL on last thursday because Kak Zura need to settle all her daughter's school fees.. Sort of cuti2 bersama2 anak2. We decided to balik kg which is located at Rawang.. hehe my Dad's house. Before heading to Rawang dropped by at my sis's place jap.. hermm almost 2 hours gak kehkehekeh... helping her buying ameda breastpump online thru Fabulous Mom's site. Then lepak2 for a while because my cousin Ida pun ada.. after solat Zuhur terus bertolak ke Rawang...

15 minit pertama... Haris dengan jaya nya menangis.. hhuhuhu.. tp lepas tu senyap.. while Iman baring kat seat blakang.. huhu sepatutnya should pakaikan talipinggan keledar tp kesian plak sbb dia nak tido baring... berdoa2 jugaklah sepanjang perjalanana agar permudahkan perjalan ke rumah Tok Papa hari tu...

All of us stayed at Tok Papa's house till saturday.. Lepak2 kat umah papa ..n me sempat gak mengurut.. last pantang hari tu tak sempat nak buat penutup.. hehheh not badan jugak lah nenek mun urut.. segar rasa badan.. Haris pun kena urut sikit ..rupenya.. his shoulder tersalah urat sikit kot.. nsb baik g mengurut .. kejap je pun nenek mun urut haris.. nenek pun told me.. baby urut kejap je.. tak leh lama2 mcm kita org dewasa..  :)

Hari ni dok umah jer.. tak g mana2... eventhough tak g mana.. still tak dapat kemas kan rumah 100%. Haris tak leh letak kat bawah.. asyik nagging.. huhu maybe asyik berkepit with me for almost 3 days ehh masuk hari 4 hari.. so tak mau pisah.. huhuh mcmana lah gamaknya esk ngan kak zura.. puas lah nak memujuk nanti esk.. huhu..

Here some latest pics of Haris & Iman that i took using my hp.. mungkin tak clear sangat..  :) cheers!!

Haris is wearing CD dari lunatot.. :)

Gmbr hari ni sblm demam.. huhuhu