Saturday, December 26, 2009

Cloth Diaper & BB sling

Wah.. sudah lama tak memblog.. sejak hubby ku ke laut setiap 2 minggu menyebabkan rutin harian ku pun turut berubah.. When he is not around, i have to take care of the 2 little boys in the house. Agak kelam kabut gak dibuat nya espcially during weekand. Weekdays ok lagi because both of them pergi rumah Ibu Zura.

Actually i planned to visit my sista & my lil niece. But the weather is not ok at all.. it's raining outside .. it's hard to get to the car.. so just cancelled the trip and stay at home. While i'm blogging, Iman is trying to catch my attention my looking at family's photo and keep on asking question about the pics that he look.

Currently I'm into cloth diaper thing & also bb sling.. I had bought Haris 2 sets of baby genius CD which costly around rm80 each ok... After doing some research thru internet, i;ve realised that there're much cheaper CD i culd get for Haris. Huhuh .. Plan to get a few more for Haris, really can cut cost for Mamypoko & also Pet Pet..

Hooray!! We already reached 1K fans for Jumpsac BB sling in FB. Hopefully will get the 30% discount from Syazrina (owner of  JumpSac). Plan to get 2nd sling for Haris. I realised that it is so convenient to carry Haris in sling while shopping or walking with Iman at playground. Huhuhu.. confirm hubby geleng kepala if i get new one for Haris...

Lupe plak nak cerita.. i have bought Madela double pump in advanced one week after masuk office. Dah almost 1 months me using it.. and totally love it! Banyak membantu pump ni because i have to get at least 25 oz perday for Haris. Eventhough it's quite expensive but totally helps me alot ok.

Ok lah..need to stop writing.. can hear Haris is crying in my room. .. will continue later..

Ni dia madela pump yg telah dibeli... :)

Haris ada kaler hijau & biru.. baru ada 2.. nak tambah lagi collection .. 

Me wearing JumpSac BB sling .. Haris tgh layan tido ..