Tuesday, April 20, 2010

To Be Or Not To Be

Well that's is my current status in FB... I've been thinking about it while in the office.. Sometimes with the current situation at work make me think shuld i continue to be a geologist as my career or not? Or should I stay at home taking care of my two lil' heroes? Basically, I'm enjoying myself doing what I like with my current job but due to the certain issues that involve with my career development and also on with the current situation in the office caused me headache for a while... To be honest.. I really love doing basin modeling a lot... seriously a lot ..  so much info or shuld i say..  lots of geological knowledge that I gain by performing the basin modeling works but with the current situation.. I need to follow the requirement of the system rather than ma own interest.. hu hu hu hu ... wow.. am i having a PMS  that caused mood swing for couple of days? hermm..

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